About Chad

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chad’s yoga journey

Chad fell in love with yoga fourteen years ago, when he wandered into a yoga studio as a stressed out corporate lawyer and experienced a deep sense of peace in śavāsana. It wasn’t long before he did his first yoga teacher training. Nine years ago Chad started teaching vinyasa and hatha yoga in San Francisco, California. In the past two years Chad has added to his 400 hours of vinyāsa training with a mantra training with Kia Miller and three advanced trainings at Sattva Yoga, a more integrated, dynamic, and traditional style of yoga that draws from the ancient yoga traditions of the Himalayas, and includes hatha, prānāyāma, mantra, and kriyā. Chad has studied with Stephanie Snyder, Elise Lorimer, Kia Miller, Anand Mehrotra, and the wonderful teachers at Yogamaya in New York City. Chad is RYT-500.

Chad’s public and private classes are holistic, dynamic, fun, and designed to encourage his students to unearth their highest selves, and to reach their greatest potential. Ultimately, Chad seeks to make his students’ experience of yoga one of connection, love, surrender, celebration, and compassion. He sees his life’s mission as one of leading people to increasing values of freedom and expansion.

Chad leads retreats and workshops all over the world.

Surrendering fully to being lost — and this is where the art comes in — you will discover that, in addition to not knowing how to get where you had wanted to go, you are no longer so sure of the ultimate rightness of that goal. By trusting your unknowing, your old standards of progress dissolve and you become eligible to be chosen by new, larger standards, those that come not from your mind or old story or other people, but from the depths of your soul. You become attentive to an utterly new guidance system.
— Bill Plotkin, Soulcraft