Private Instruction

I am available for private and semi-private yoga classes in New York City. This is the most effective and profound investment you can make in your yoga practice and, ultimately, your life. I customize each session to your specific needs, your overall life situation, and your goals. We can focus on specific poses, breathing techniques, kriyas, and other ways of moving and being. I am also trained in the sacred Himalayan tradition of initiating students in a personal mantra meditation that's customized for the individual.

Private sessions are typically 60 minutes but can be expanded for students who desire to go deeper in their practice. 

I can travel to your home or office.

Contact me to schedule your first session.


Yoga Classes – NYC

coming soon

I only recently returned to New York City from India so I'm still working out my local class schedule. In the mean time, I will be teaching a few pop-up classes around the city. The best place to find those is on my Facebook Page or my Twitter account.

Corporate Clients

I am also available to teach corporate classes. Given my experience as an engineer and technology lawyer I am specially suited to relate to the pragmatic, real-world needs of busy employees. 

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When you experientially realize that the same beautiful and awesome powers that orchestrate the intricate and wondrous display of this entire creation are flowing within you, creating you even as you create with them, providing the very foundation of your whole experience of reality, there is a profound shift. Your fear and pettiness drop away as you harmoniously fall into the dance of life energy, realizing that you have been the only one who has ever limited your potential. An explosion of joy accompanies the realization that there is nothing to do, nothing to achieve, other than to fully embrace the divine powers that seek to manifest through you by expressing the entirety of your authentic being in the fullness of each moment, in an endless flow of such moments.
— Christopher Wallis, Tantra Illuminated