Shiva Shakti Flow

An Introduction to Sattva Yoga

Saturday, August 25, 2018, Reflections Yoga

Chad Woodford & Devi Elena Rose

$25 early bird/$30


Join Elena and Chad for a two-hour Sattva Yoga journey that will be vigorous, expansive, and heart-opening. We will combine asana, pranayama, kriya, and other forms of movement to find stillness in dynamism and experience bliss. 

Sattva yoga is an integrated yoga practice from the Himalayas of India that addresses the individual at every layer, combining hatha yoga, meditation, prānāyāma (yogic breathing), kriyā, Himalayan kundalini practices, and freedom movement. We help you prepare for and experience greater flow of kundalini energy and bliss.

Elena and Chad will take you on a dynamic, transformative journey that will help you experience the magic of creation flowing within you. We’ll open the mind and the heart, fostering fearlessness as well as vulnerability.

You will leave the workshop more free to express the entirety of your authentic being.

Devi Elena Rose is a Certified Sattva Yoga Teacher, artist and wellness entrepreneur. Her career in the healing arts began at age 18 when she became a Massage Therapist. She now serves as visionary for a healing sanctuary in Denver, Colorado called Peace of Mind Massage that has been running since 2009. The business offers massage, workshops, and is a conscious boutique. The success of the business allowed Elena to travel in the last few years which took her to Asia where she discovered Sattva Yoga in India and gained precious tools for transformation and deep healing. It is now her joy to share these techniques with others and she infuses her passionate nature into all her classes. After she became a yoga teacher Elena founded Shakti Retreats to combine her love of travel, connection, and spiritual growth. Her mission is to spread peace and healing wherever she goes by empowering, inspiring, and supporting people on their own unique journey.