The Yogic Perspective on Desire

Many people on the spiritual path have a complicated relationship with desire. Because of something we heard or read somewhere we see desire as part of the “problem,” an obstacle on the path. We harshly criticize ourselves for having desires, forgetting that we exist because of desire, that everything exists because of desire—the desire of Consciousness to dance, to play, to experience every possible way of being. Perhaps we deny our most ”basic” desires, or judge ourselves for succumbing to them. On top of all that, for those on the spiritual path, there is the added burden of worrying that we’re attached to our desire to expand, to transcend, to reach some kind of enlightened state. And we may very well be. It can get quite complicated.

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Why New York City is Ready for Elemental Yoga

I think New York City is ready for a more integrated, holistic style of yoga. The emergence of mindful, progressive community event spaces like The Assemblage, The Alchemist’s Kitchen, and Maha Rose show that New Yorkers are embracing their mystical, spiritual side more than ever. These new community spaces are more willing to experiment with innovative styles of yoga.  

This is why I’m excited to teach Sattva Yoga in New York. 

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The State of Yoga

There’s a lot of interest in yoga these days. But also a lot of confusion about what it is. A majority of Westerners think that it’s choreographed stretching in special clothes, and sometimes the state of relaxation that results from all that stretching. That’s what I thought it was when I started fourteen years ago. But, this postural yoga that has become synonymous with yoga in the West is just a tiny portion of yoga, and is actually a fairly recent development (primarily developed in the last hundred years or so). 

So what is yoga? 

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